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Busy as a bee!

Hi, folks!

I have been super busy this month in real life and I didn’t have a lot of cash to get stuff in SL, I thought I would take the month off!

Now that I have some money and I can manage my time a little better, I will be back next month with new stuff from Square1 and other events! I look forward to seeing you then!

❤ Kitty


Smudging the Space

A new year, a new form of creativity.

2016 was really about creating something new, which I like and which I will continue to do, but I thought I would add on blogging once again because it allows for me to be creative, without the difficulties of worrying about money

So I am smudging the space of this blog in order to cleanse any negative and harmful thoughts that arise from starting and working on this space.


Hair: Nina – Sunset – Exile (Vintage Flexi)

Sweater: Angora Sweater – Plum – ISON

Nails: Rich Autumnal Tones – Hello Dave

Jeans: Best Friend Jeans – Dark Wash – {mon tissu} – (Marketplace?)

Sage & Feather: Sage Smudger – -RC- Cluster