Blogging Policy

So I am open for brands and events to sponsor my blog. I have a general look that is casual, hipster, twee, “butch,” and classic.

I don’t wear lingerie or anything that is super revealing, it just isn’t who I imagine my style to be. Sexy works, just having T&A all over my blog isn’t the kind of stuff I want here.

Still with me? Good. Send me (kittyrevolver Resident) a notecard with some information about your brand/event and what type of requirements you have.

I reserve the right to turn down blogging requests.

I do not blog home and decor items.

Please note, I am very busy in RL with work and life. Second Life takes a back seat when it has to. I will let you know when that happens, though.

Standard Blogging Procedures

*Sponsors are clearly marked in the credits

*The event name and SLurl is placed in the credits alongside the piece of clothing

*Brand name is a link to the brand’s mainstore, or otherwise told differently

*Flickr image is placed brand’s Flickr group, the event’s group, and blogger groups

*Flickr images are posted on Pinterest

*Brand and Event names are tagged on both here and on Flickr

*A link to the sponsor’s website, Plurk, or Flickr is added to the sidebar under “Sponsors”